“Training of Trainers” – Fall 2020 – Covilha (PT)

This activity will be held in Covilha (Portugal) in April 2020 and will be organised by the hosting partner ASTA. The aim of this activity is the training to the TIM Methodology of a group of 20 trainers. The Methodology’s second version will have been released in February 2020. The group of trainer will be composed by 20 people. Each partner will provide 5 trainers that will be previously selected. This group will be the main group of project trainers and during the last year will be in charge of teaching the TIM methodology to teachers. The group will be trained on two levels: how to use the TIM methodology and how to train teachers to use the TIM methodology. At the end of the training the trainers will be able to use the TIM Methodology in schools and to train teachers to use it.