“TIM Pilot” – 17th to 22nd of October 2019 – Chania (GR)

This activity will be held in Chania (Crete) and will be organised by the hosting partner TUC. The aim of this activity is to test the pilot of the TIM Methodology that has been released in its first version in September 2019.

The target groups for the test will be:

  • Group A: a group of 8-9 years old students, and
  • Group B: a group of 12-13 years old students.

The test of the pilot Methodology will last 6 days and each day will have moments of application of the TIM Methodology with the two groups and moments of reflection about the methodology.

In this activity DORS’s researchers will collect data for the first assessment of the TIM Methodology. The pilot data analysis results will be used to refine the Methodology that will be released in its 2nd version in February 2020.