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“Mathemart sharing” – 17th to 22nd of January 2019 – Turin (IT)

Partners experience the Mathemart methodology

Date: 2019-01

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“Process Drama sharing” – 24th to 28th of April 2019 – Bergen (NO)

Partners experience the Process Drama methodology

Date: 2019-04

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“TIM Pilot” – 17th to 22nd of October 2019 – Chania (GR)

Partners test the pilot of the TIM Methodology that has been released in its first version in September 2019

Date: 2019-09

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“Theatre Conference Rehearsal – 1st Session” – Summer 2020 – Turin (IT)

Four actors, one from each partner country, will be involved in a first session of rehearsals for the theatre conference “The fear of mathematics"

Date: 2020-02

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“Training of Trainers” – Fall 2020 – Covilha (PT)

A group of 20 trainers, 5 from each partner’s country, is trained to the use of the TIM Methodology

Date: 2020-04

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“Theatre Conference Rehearsal – 2nd session” – September 2020 – Chania (GR)

Four actors will be involved in the second session of rehearsals in order to create a final version for the theatre conference “The fear of mathematics"

Date: 2020-09

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