“Process Drama sharing” – 24th to 28th of April 2019 – Bergen (NO)

The aim of this activity is the sharing among the partners of the Process Drama methodology, one of the two methodologies that will be used as starting point to create the new TIM Methodology.

The activity will be leaded by Tor-Helge Allern and Ove-Gunnar Drageset. It will last 6 days and each day will be divided into two moments:

  • practical sessions in which the partners will learn how the Process Drama can be used
  • theoretical sessions where the partners will discuss how to merge the Process Drama and the Mathemart Methodology, previously experienced during C1.

Process drama is a genre of drama especially applied in educational settings, based on improvisation, a fiction structured in episodes, and developed in dialogue with the participants. Process drama often uses the convention teacher-in-role, a device for the teacher to influence on the fiction and the participants both from the inside and outside of the drama. See more here (Link to Process Drama description)

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"Process Drama sharing", 24th to 28th of April 2019, Bergen, Norway